Strong Magnets

Very Strong Magnets – Is There a Way to Build Them? Why is very strong magnets? A: It takes a lot of power to deliver a strong magnet close enough to a piece of metal to make it become very powerful, and then it takes much more energy to deliver it rather far away from the alloy… Continue reading Strong Magnets

Product Marketing

If you’re in the business of selling products, one way to promote your business is through advertising with magnets in testing instruments and tools. Magnetic ads are great for many reasons, including being simple to write, and getting your product out there quickly. These two factors make them extremely popular and effective, and they are… Continue reading Product Marketing

Magnetic Sprayers & Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sprayers & Magnetic Sweepers are used for a large number of distinct reasons. In the industrial and production business, neodymium magnets are often used to induce to the melt water or other liquids that have been previously sprinkled via cooling towers or from other ways. These neodymium magnets create an electrostatic charge that is… Continue reading Magnetic Sprayers & Magnetic Sweepers