Magnetic Sprayers & Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sprayers

Magnetic Sprayers & Magnetic Sweepers are used for a large number of distinct reasons. In the industrial and production business, neodymium magnets are often used to induce to the melt water or other liquids that have been previously sprinkled via cooling towers or from other ways. These neodymium magnets create an electrostatic charge that is used to get rid of excess iron and lead in the melt. By using this method magnetic balls stream the liquid is reduced and therefore the overall cost of cooling water is decreased. In some cases they’re also used to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by converting it into a more stable chemical, thus reducing the quantity of nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere.

Another way they are used is in the construction sector to assist weld the pieces of metal together. By providing a controlled source of magnetic fields, the magnets can induce movement into the respective metals that are being welded, thus making it easier to create the joints that are required. In many cases, that is combined with heat therapy to further induce the motion to the alloy.

magnetic balls are also utilized in medical programs, largely with the aid of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System (MRI). After the patient is under the scanner, their body absorbs kinetic energy since the scanner moves through their physique. This magnetic energy is then converted to switching magnetic fields and shown on a monitor screen. This advice is essential when it is attempting to determine blood circulation and the flow of blood in any regions of the body. This diagnostic technique is also used in the identification of other medical conditions.

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