Strong Magnets

Very Strong Magnets – Is There a Way to Build Them?

very strong magnets

Why is very strong magnets? A: It takes a lot of power to deliver a strong magnet close enough to a piece of metal to make it become very powerful, and then it takes much more energy to deliver it rather far away from the alloy in question, in order it might lose its strength. That is why there are very strong magnets in space and very weak magnets on Earth. Strong magnets have higher moment rates than weaker magnets, since the more powerful magnets are so much heavier, and it takes much more energy to bring them that close to a weight. Answer 2: Strong magnets which are near the metal by which they come into contact have a lower instant rate, since it requires less power to bring them nearer. That is why there are very few very strong  magnets in space and very many lighter ones.

A: In looking at the building of magnets, you see there are two types of materials which are utilized to make strong magnets – these of rare earth metals such as nickel and iron, and those of more prevalent, more abundant materials such as carbon and aluminum. The rare earth metal magnets are normally much more powerful, since they have more natural magnetic properties. We will consider the rare-earth magnets next.

Why are rare earth magnetic items important for magnets? To start with, because their chemical properties are identical to those of magnets and second, since they’re a significant component of the core substance from which the magnets are constructed. There are also other interesting consequences to studying the properties of rare earth magnetic items. The study of the distribution of rare-earth magnetic fields will help to clarify why magnets possess a strong pull on objects: the stronger the magnetic field, the more tightly neighboring objects are pulled apart.

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